Can you come outside to play?

My outdoor diariesRemember the time your friend dropped by to ask if you could come outside to play? Why do we stop doing it when we get older? We visit friends, sit on the sofa or kitchen, have coffee, eat dinner or drink a glass or two of wine and talk. We talk endlessly about world politics, climate change, kids, health, work, money – or lack of them.

Friends of ours from southern Finland visited us yesterday. It has been about a year since we last met, so there was a lot to talk about. As she is a keen photographer, and we live in a pretty awesome place, I suggested that we’d go on a little snowshoe walk first, while there’s still some daylight.

It turned out to be a good couple of hours of laughter and wonder of the views. Snowshoeing through the fell birch tree forest in the deep soft powder was hard work, but the higher we got, the more eager to see the opening landscape we were. Once over the treeline, the snow became harder; the winds have swiped the surface icy already. Walking got easier and soon we reached the ridge. After a nice cup of hot drink, there was still some daylight left for photography and some drone testing. The more I get to play with them, the more I am convinced I actually need one. They are so much fun!

On the way back down we followed our old tracks, so walking was easier. We had a chance to talk about the important stuff, too; life-work balance, health (or lack of it), and a soon-to-be-born grandchild.


Blogi kuvapohja
During the polar night, the daylight is merely a soft blue tone.  Photos were taken by my friends Leena, whose photos you can find at  and Stepi

Back at home, we sat in the kitchen, having a cup of coffee and I wondered; what happened to the childhood habit of asking our friends to go out to play.


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